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Author: findmyantidrug
For: anactoria
Title: Wisdom, Courage, and Justice
Rating: PG-13
Characters: 63!Adrian, 63!Dan
Warnings: Vague creepiness.
Summary: AU. Something old lurks underneath Danielle's surface; Adrienne is intrigued.

( If asked, Adrienne would say that she keeps track of the other superheroes in the interest of finding potential allies. )
Artist:  slipstreamborne
Title: The Knife
Rating: PG-13/R
Characters: Dan/Rorschach/Laurie OT3, Sylvia Kovacs
Warnings: Some (metaphorical) blood, nudity
Summary:  Rorschach doesn't realize he's been stabbed. 

Three large images after cut.Collapse )
Author: tortoisegirl
Title: Three Winters
Rating: PG
Characters: Dan/Rorschach, OT3
Warnings: none
Summary: Drabble series of three holidays with Dan, Rorschach, and Laurie. Happy holidays, book_of_sail!

Goodnight Daniel, Miss Jupiter.Collapse )

To: lafenris, from: tortoisegirl

Author: tortoisegirl
Title: Of Birds and Feathers
Rating: PG
Characters: Dan/Rorschach
Warnings: Xenoschach, shaky bird science
Summary: Rorschach unwillingly shares a secret about himself, which might not be a bad thing. Happy holidays, lafenris! So, so sorry for the lateness

How do you see through the mask?Collapse )
Thanks again for a great year of Watchmen Secret Santa exchanges :)

If you haven't received your gift yet, don't panic. By my count, there are 4 more gifts to be posted...one of which will be up shortly. The others have been contacted. If we need a couple of pinch hitters we'll certainly let you know. All recipients will be taken care of.

To: steals_thyme, From: lafenris

Author: Fenris
Title: Surprise Visit
Rating: R
Characters: Laurie, Dan, Walter, OC
Pairing Configuration: OT3
Warnings: None, really. A little smut, a little angst and a bit of mush

Summary: No matter how old you get or how big a bad-ass you become, there are certain situations that reduce us all to the same common condition, wherein one can immediately and painfully recall what it's like to be a five-year-old with your hand firmly caught in the cookie jar.

Some holiday OT3 crack, with a tiny side order of seriousness that snuck in there somehow.Collapse )

To: eka_kwentista From: dr_oil

Title: Mistletoe
Rating: PG
Characters: Laurie/Rorschach
Warnings: None

Read MoreCollapse )


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